Turbocharging a Y61 TB48 Patrol

The Nissan TB48DE engine is a formidable power plant, producing impressive power and torque figures in its naturally aspirated form. However, for some enthusiasts, the stock power output just isn’t enough. This is where a turbocharger comes in – adding a turbocharger to a naturally aspirated TB48DE engine can offer a range of benefits that can take your driving experience to the next level.

The Nissan TB48DE is a 4.8-litre inline-six engine that was produced by Nissan for use in a variety of vehicles, including the Nissan Patrol and the Infiniti QX56. Here are some of its specifications:

  • Displacement: 4.8 litres (4,790 cc)
  • Configuration: Inline-six
  • Valvetrain: DOHC (dual overhead camshaft)
  • Bore x stroke: 99.5 mm x 98.0 mm
  • Compression ratio: 9.5:1
  • Max power output: 280 hp (209 kW) at 6,000 rpm
  • Max torque output: 394 Nm (291 lb-ft) at 4,000 rpm
  • Fuel system: Electronic fuel injection (EFI)
  • Ignition system: Electronic (distributorless)
  • Redline: 6,500 rpm
  • Oil capacity: 8.3 litres (with filter)
  • Cooling system capacity: 15.2 litres

So, what exactly are the benefits of installing a turbocharger on a TB48DE engine? Here are a few key advantages:

1. Increased power output: The most obvious benefit of adding a turbocharger to a TB48DE engine is the significant increase in power output. The forced induction provided by the turbocharger increases the amount of air that can be delivered to the engine, allowing for more fuel to be burned and more power to be produced. With a properly sized turbocharger and supporting modifications, it’s possible to double or even triple the stock power output of the TB48DE engine.

2. Improved throttle response: In addition to increasing power, a turbocharger can also improve throttle response. Because the turbocharger compresses air before it enters the engine, there is less lag between pressing the accelerator and the engine responding. This means you’ll get a more immediate and responsive throttle feel, which can be especially beneficial in situations like track driving or spirited driving on winding roads.

3. Better fuel efficiency: While it may seem counterintuitive, a turbocharger can actually improve fuel efficiency in some cases. By increasing the amount of air delivered to the engine, a turbocharger can allow for more complete combustion of fuel, which can lead to improved fuel economy.

4. Tuning potential: When you add a turbocharger to a TB48DE engine, you open up a whole new world of tuning potential. With the right supporting modifications, a turbocharged TB48DE engine can produce massive power figures, and with the help of a skilled tuner, you can dial in the engine’s performance to suit your specific needs and driving style.

5. Unique sound: Finally, it’s worth noting that a turbocharged TB48DE engine has a unique and unmistakable sound. The whine of the turbocharger spooling up and the rush of air being forced into the engine is a sound that many car enthusiasts find incredibly satisfying.

Of course, it’s worth noting that adding a turbocharger to a naturally aspirated engine is not a simple or inexpensive process. It requires significant modifications to the engine and supporting systems, and should only be attempted by experienced mechanics or tuners. However, for those who are willing to invest the time and money, the benefits of a turbocharged TB48DE engine can be truly impressive.

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