What size wastegate?

Here’s a great little tool that our friends at Turbosmart have come up with: the Turbosmart Product Advisor!

There has been countless times that we have had vehicles built at home with inappropriately sized wastegates then dropped off for dyno tuning only to find wastegate sizing is causing all sorts of boost control and boost creep issues. I’m not going to get into semantics as 99% of you would most probably be happier to skim read and get to the product advisor without the background information, but this tool takes out most of the guess work when selecting products from one of our favourite performance part manufacturers.

“This tool is designed to remove some of the mystery of how to choose the right Wastegate, Blow Off Valve and Fuel Pressure Regulator, for your project.”

Of course you’re always welcome to drop into our shop and see our range of products, we’re always happy to suggest the right wastegate or fuel pressure regulator for your own build too!