Launch date for PD16 revealed!

The long awaited and newest addition to Haltech’s Nexus series is the PD16, and now we have pricing and a rough launch date!

Dropping “late April”, the PD16 will retail for less than the old Racepak PDM, starting from a mere $1575 AUD inc. GST!

Three product SKU’s are on offer and available for pre-order through PZP:
PD16 module only: AUD $1,575 inc GST
PD16 + Plug & Pins: AUD $1,625 inc GST
PD16 + 5m Harness: AUD $1,995 inc GST

• Full integration with Haltech systems: Directly compatible with Elite and NEXUS ECUs
• Single system control centre: Fully controlled via the NSP software
• Easily expandable: Link up to 4 x PD16s on a single Haltech CAN bus
• 16 x Outputs (10 x 8A, 4 x 25A, 2 x HBO)
• 8 x Inputs (4 voltage + 4 pulsed)
• 1 x CAN bus

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