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  • Turbosmart BOV’s for Hyundai i20/i30

    Turbosmart BOV’s for Hyundai i20/i30

    Always leading the market in product design, research and development; our friends at Turbosmart have released their new Kompact range of Blow-off Valves (BOV) for the popular Korean Domestic Market (KDM) Hyundai i20 N and i30 N. Turbosmart expands the Kompact diverter and blow-off valves to include a bolt-on upgrade for the Hyundai i20 N and i30…

  • Developing our R35 ignition kit for RB engines

    Developing our R35 ignition kit for RB engines

    R35 GTR ignition coil packs are a popular product amongst modifiers and tuners as they produce a massive amount of spark energy. This is exactly what we want when increasing boost and chasing power on the dyno. More spark equals more bang and we all know more bang means more “f$&k yeah” moments! In the…

  • Launch date for PD16 revealed!

    Launch date for PD16 revealed!

    The long awaited and newest addition to Haltech’s Nexus series is the PD16, and now we have pricing and a rough launch date! Dropping “late April”, the PD16 will retail for less than the old Racepak PDM, starting from a mere $1575 AUD inc. GST! Three product SKU’s are on offer and available for pre-order through…

  • What size wastegate?

    What size wastegate?

    Here’s a great little tool that our friends at Turbosmart have come up with: the Turbosmart Product Advisor! There has been countless times that we have had vehicles built at home with inappropriately sized wastegates then dropped off for dyno tuning only to find wastegate sizing is causing all sorts of boost control and boost…

  • PZP Hoodies have landed!

    PZP Hoodies have landed!

    We’re happy to finally let our friends and fam know that our PZP Hoodies have now landed and are in stock for pickup or delivery! After many many requests by friends and clients, we’ve finally levelled up our merchandise game! With a blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, our hoodies are super comfortable and…